These policies and rules exist for the purpose of maintaining our courts and providing playing opportunities for members and guests.

PLEASE NOTE THAT TENNIS MONCTON SPONSORED CLASSES AND TOURNAMENTS TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER INDIVIDUAL PLAY. Tennis Moncton will make every effort to inform its members of scheduled events well in advance. In addition, when possible, every attempt will be made to designate open courts during scheduled activities/tournaments.

Court Etiquette/Rules

  • Do not walk or stand in back or between courts while play is in progress.
  • Return balls to other courts without interfering with play in progress.
  • Do not shout across the courts, or use foul language.
  • Keep anger in check.
  • Non-marking sneakers/tennis shoes only, may be worn on the tennis courts.
  • Players are expected to wear appropriate attire. SHIRTS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Bathing suits are not permitted.
  • Member cards must be left with staff prior to and collected following play.
  • Tennis Moncton membership ID cards are NOT TRANSFERABLE. If found in the possession of a person other than the person to whom it is issued, the card will be confiscated, and privileges will be suspended.
  • Bicycles, roller skates, skateboards and pets are not permitted on the courts.
  • No activity of any kind other than tennis is permitted.
  • Tennis ball cans and other debris must be placed in the trash receptacles provided. This facility adheres to the Wet and Dry collection.
  • Sitting or leaning on the nets is damaging to the nets and net straps and is strictly prohibited.
  • No private instructions and classes are permitted other than those offered by or in partnership with Tennis Moncton.
  • No food or beverage other than water is permitted inside fenced area.

Court Rotation -Time Limits Policy


  • SINGLES – One hour maximum. Singles players should finish the game in progress and then form -doubles. However, if singles players prefer to continue their game, or if waiting players decline to play doubles, the singles players are entitled to finish their hour’s play. Rallying or practice counts towards the allotted time limits
  • DOUBLES – One and one-half hours maximum. Bringing in one replacement player at a time in a doubles match DOES NOT extend the time limit. When the first hour and a half has elapsed, the court is to be relinquished to any waiting member, immediately upon completion of the GAME in progress.
    Rallying or practice counts towards the allotted time limits.

A Player awaiting the arrival of an opponent may NOT hold a court vacant.
Scheduled Adult Programs or Events (ie; Wednesday Night Doubles) are open to ages 19 and over only.

Youth Court Policy (youth is defined under 12 yrs of age)

  • The youth courts are primarily intended to provide an opportunity for youth to be introduced to the sport of tennis and to develop their skills at an appropriate level and playing field.
  • Adults, for the same intent and purpose, could also use the courts. However, youth play, programs and related activities will have precedence over adult play with the exception of Tennis Moncton organized tournaments in which case the youth courts will be used for pre game warm-ups.
  • Court etiquette/rules previously stated (page 1) apply to the youth courts as well.
  • Youths accompanied by an adult or guardian will have precedence over adults using the courts.
  • Court rotation – time limits are also applicable for youth courts (see section ‘B’ above)

Guest and Non Member Policy

  • Guests/Non-Members are permitted as long as membership rights to the use of the courts are not curtailed.
  • Guest/Non-Member fees are based on a per court rotation – time limit of play. ( see section ‘B’ above)
  • Guests/Non-Members will be restricted from play during membership or Tennis Moncton scheduled events, programs or related tournaments
  • Upon registering, each membership will be given a ONE-TIME guest pass. This one-time pass is designed to spark interest of possible new members. The member need not accompany guests.
  • Guests/Non-Members fees do not apply to players that are participating in Tennis Moncton organized tournaments or related programs.


Adult: Ages 19 and over

Family: Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of dependent children under the age of 23 living at home.

Guest: Invited by a member of Tennis Moncton.

New Member: First time members and any membership prior to last season. Does not include last season members.

Non-Member: General public and all other Non-Tennis Moncton Community members wishing to play on a per court time rotation limit. Time preferences during busy periods are given first to Tennis Moncton members. See daily rate fee definition and cost in the rates section.