Currently, the COOP has succeeded in representing approximately 6000 athletes, coaches, and officials in Southeast New Brunswick. In addition, we are currently aiding in supporting collaborative initiatives in youth sport development, and in promoting regional physical literacy. Collaborative initiatives in youth sport development include the development and implementation of sport-specific Long Term Athlete Development Models throughout the athlete’s lifespan, trying to achieve Long Term Participant Development.


What is Long-Term Athlete Development

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What is Long Term Participant Development?

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    It is the framework used to describe the evolution of development of a sport participant throughout the lifespan. In more layman’s terms, LTPD is a model that helps the implementation of a program that is both age, and development (physical and technical) specific.

  • Is about treating each participant as an individual and giving each individual an opportunity to develop at their own pace, in an environment that fosters development.
  • Is also about the adaptation of the individual to specific technical demands and challenges in any situation.
  • Is about putting the developmental building steps in place for a player to be able to reach their individual pinnacle in the game.

Multisport camp 2016

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South East Sports For Life is a not-for-profit cooperative comprising five local sport associations: South East Athletics (track & field), Greater Moncton Football Association, Codiac Soccer, Handball NB and Curl Moncton. The cooperative was formed for the purpose of promoting Physical Literacy (PL) and Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) among children under 12 through the vehicle of various sports. We use a Teaching Games for Understanding approach with a non-competitive environment.

In July 2016, the Co-op offered a multi-sport camp where kids between the ages of 7 and 12 were invited to spend a full week learning new skills, making new friends, and having fun. NB physical literacy consultant, Cindy Levesque, was invited to be part of the camp coordinating team. Lesson plans for this camp included a variety of different games purposely chosen to help children understand and learn new skills. This approach is known as Teaching Games for Understanding. Children had the opportunity to learn skills such has throwing, running, kicking, receiving, catching and trapping, running, and many more through sport vehicles such as handball, lawn bowling, football, soccer, track and field, and curling. Children we’re exposed to many sports in a non-competitive environment as well as many environments (such as on ground and on curling ice surface). We also had the opportunity to learn about sport nutrition with a dietician from the Moncton Superstore (i.e.: how to fuel your body before and after activity).