Within a multisport framework, using a Teaching Games for Understanding approach in non-competitive environments, our goal is to facilitate sporting association collaboration within the Greater Moncton Area to promote fundamental movement skills (FMS) and physical literacy (PL) among children aged less than 12 years old.


  • Fundamental movement skills are very important in the physical development of a child. When a child is confident and competent with these skills, they can develop sport-specific and complex movement skills that allow them to better enjoy sport and physical activity. Most importantly, having well developped fundamental movement skills and being physically literate leads a child to enjoy a long life of physical activity.
  • Through the quality delivery of fundamental movement skills, participation in a wide variety of sport is facilitated by the ability of transferring movement skills and patterns across sports. As such, participants playing in different sports are able to use what they learn in one sport in another sport. Multisport participation has been shown to increase motivation and competence within sport and physical activity, decreases risk of injuries in young athletes and increases the chances that a young athlete will participate in lifelong physical activity. We believe that using a multisport approach with children under the age of 12 will benefit them both in the short- and long-term.

Teaching Games for Understanding

Fundamental Movement Skills

What are fundamental movement skills (FMS)?

  • The foundational movements to more specialized and complex skills used in play, games and specific sports. These include running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking and striking

Why promote FMS?

  • Children will see that being active can be rewarding and enjoyable. FMS development facilitates participation in a wide variety of recreational activities throughout life, and increases self-esteem and confidence towards physical activity and sport.

FMS For Parents

Physical Literacy

What is physical literacy (PL)?

  • PL is the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person.

Why promote PL?

  • Physically literate individuals consistently develop the motivation and ability to understand, and apply movement to their daily lives. They demonstrate a variety of movements confidently, competently, creatively and strategically across a wide range of physical activities. These skills enable individuals to be respectful of their whole self, others, and their environment.

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