Welcome to the Early Childhood Family Resource Centre of Westmorland-Albert!

Our project has been established since 1995 and operates under the Community Action Program for Children and the Canadian Prenatal National Program. Our organisation is funded mainly by The Public Health Agency of Canada and partly by the provincial government, Department of Education and Early Childhood since 2008.

Our mission is: “To promote the well-being and healthy development of families in our community by providing resources, programs and services that meet the needs of participants and their children from pre-birth to 6 years of age in both official languages”

We operate under an inclusive philosophy, which aims to support all families, by nurturing linguistic duality, diversity, and providing a respectful environment for all families. Participation in our program is voluntary and is open to all families from diverse backgrounds. We provide information and resources to encourage families to make healthy choices. All of the activities offered at the Main Centre location and Outreach sites, will offer you many opportunities to socialize and to learn in a very welcoming and safe environment.

Come and meet our wonderful staff! We promise, you will feel at home, from the start!

We sure hope to see you soon!